Our little house of creatives provides a unique experience beyond the average photography studio. Each one of us brings our particular area of expertise to the table to ensure you the best and most artful products. We know that you come to us because we will guide you through a creative experience using a combination of our collective artistic eye, some giggles, and, let's face it, sometimes some sweat and tears! We're not like other photographers that leave it up to you to get artwork up on your walls and books on your coffee table. We've got this. 

Melissa Salvatore 

Owner/ Head Photographer


Melissa has never had a moment's hesitation when it came to pursuing her love of photography. Now, with 12 years experience in children's photography, her love has become her expertise. After finishing her BFA, she traveled the world making pictures, focusing on travel photography in Peru, Italy, and Indonesia, and then spending a year in Ireland under a Fulbright Scholarship. In Ireland, aside from learning to love coffee, Melissa spent her time teaching photography as a therapeutic form of communication to deaf children. Despite the enchantment of living abroad, Melissa returned to the states, landing in New York where she ran a portraiture studio, Classic Kids Manhattan, in the Upper East Side. Melissa loved working with athletes, celebrities, and magazines, but finds the real fun in photographing the families and children. Melissa and her husband, Mike, have ventured into the world of entrepreneurship by opening three businesses, Heritage BicylcesHeritage Littles, and A Little Photo Studio. With her own son, Bennett, Melissa is learning the ropes of parenting alongside running a photo studio. For Melissa there is no question of work-life integration. She is thrilled to be developing her style, creativity, family, and career all at the same time. After all, life is art.


If you just can't get enough, and want to know more gushy details...



Associate Photographer


Melly joined the force with a little force of her own. She has 10 years of outdoor children's photography experience along with an artful eye that professionally led her into being a graphic designer for 12 years. She may be small, but she is mighty and her level of energy makes the kiddos seem like they could use another cookie! Melly has a BFA in Graphic Design and studied Photography in Milwaukee, WI. She's true blue Chicago, born and raised. With 2 kids of her own, she knows what it means to capture the little moments and details all the way from the lost tooth to that one little face that they always make.




Professional kid wrangler (this is no joke!) / photography assistant


Kate has been in the Heritage family for 3 years.  She may have made your espresso in the past or you may have seen her running around with the 

neighborhood kiddos over at the park during her time nannying. Her true passion is in the littles and making sure they are having fun. As kid wrangler and photo assistant, she has the distinct pleasure of wiping boogers, doing animal shows, diving to save noggins and becoming the pack mule on location shoots.  Kate is there to do it for you!  This Nashville-born gal brings her Southern hospitality to every shoot, keeping families comfortable, multi-tasking, and playing popper toys with your littles ones while we warm them up for their photo session. 




Studio Manager/Artist


Becca is an artist by birth. She can spend hours detailing the most beautiful illustrations and creating imaginative artwork on our floor-to-ceiling chalkwall. You will see her penmanship around many of our Heritage shops as well as the photo stuido. Beyond being a creative, Becca is the one who runs the show over at the studio. Her organization and attention to detail is what makes your experience from the first phone call to the presentation of prints and custom books an amazing one. With a BFA from the University of Arizona, Becca and Melissa go back as life-long friends and have proven that a friendship can also work in the professional workplace. 



Production manager/editor


Now here is a the wizard behind the curtain OR in our case, the barn door. This guy doesn't let anything get past him when it comes to digital perfection. 
Garrett has over 10 years of experience in photography post-production and when he isn't editing others work, he is spending his own time behind the lens, showcasing his work at gallery exhibitions, and teaching at Lillstreet Art Center. With a MFA in photography from Columbia College in Chicago, his skills allow for him to perfect your art while also jumping in to create more art for the world to enjoy.