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A Stroll through Brooklyn

Posted by Melissa Salvatore on

Taking these two kiddos for a stroll around Brooklyn was definitely a memorable photoshoot and made for some pretty fantastic photos. We hit up Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn and although there was a moment of disappointment when we walked up to a "Closed Tuesdays" sign, it was what my art teachers used to call "happy mistakes".

Instead of hundreds of kids running around in the background of our shots or distracting the kids from having fun with me and the camera, we had a unique backdrop of a carousal placed in the middle of a glass aquarium. It turned out looking better than I would have ever thought. And we didn't let the locked carousel prevent us from having a good time under the Brooklyn bridge and Manhattan bridge. (Where Dumbo, Brooklyn got it's name: Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.) We pulled out some jump ropes and pretended to jump over the bridges. 

The day continued with skipping rocks into the river, playing in a city playground and then heading back for ice cream and dinner on the rooftop of their home. We wore the kids out, but not so much that they couldn't put in a little dusk dancing with mom and dad.

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  • omg these pictures are amazing!!!!

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