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Happy Birthday To You!

Posted by Melissa Salvatore on

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you...happy birthday from our Heritage Littles space, happy birthday to youuuuuuu.

We have a blast customizing parties for your little ones and making our space your home for the events. Another example of how Mike and I have created our businesses to fill in the missing gaps that we have found as our own little family grows. We were looking for a space for our son's 2nd birthday (during the same time of our buildout for Heritage Littles & A Little Photo Studio) and realized that there wasn't a good space in the city that was kid-friendly yet not a "kid place" per se. We wanted somewhere that we could invite families with kids, but wasn't our 2-bedroom apartment in the city (no way would more than 3 toddlers running around fit there) and wasn't a busy restaurant that all the adults would have to worry about their kids sitting still. We also weren't ready to splurge on a big kid play space when our tot most likely wouldn't really remember this birthday party (let's be honest, there is a reason there is booze at these parties). We will save play spaces for his 4th or 5th birthday! (Big fans of the new Littles Beans Cafe in Evanston)

So, the flexible ground floor space at Heritage Littles/ A Little Photo Studio was in the works with the idea of party space on the mind. The ONLY thing that we can't move is the cookie bar. (But really, why would you want to move that?) The actual photo studio is on the lower level, so no worries about knocking over any expensive equipment. Have fun bringing in your own food, drinks and entertainment. If you need suggestions, we have those. If you need milk&cookies, we have that and if you need a photographer, duh. 

We just want you to have a birthday and not have to cry before, during or after- well, unless it is your party and you want to.


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