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Baby on the Brain

Posted by Melissa Salvatore on

Making artwork out of the first moments of life is already rewarding enough. It's my daily dose of love that I can't get enough of every single time I get to work with (and hold) a little-itty-bitty-one. But now with #2 cookin' in my own belly, it has become a whole new level of emotions. 

I think that capturing this moment on camera, no matter how utterly exhausted you are and how you can't imagine anything being as important as sleep or making sure that there is enough milk getting into that teeny body, I'm here to tell you that it is important. You truly don't get those first seconds back. And the first months (no matter how many times people tell you) seem to drag on forever when you are in them, but are gone in a flash. Without the photos, they become even more of a haze. 

It was so important to me, that my camera was an integral part of my labor process. I was busy checking settings and making sure that Mike knew how to capture the first moments of our little man's life. And boy, did Mike blow me away with the outcome of his 20 min tutorial (see first image below) and then see how in a second our little man was a toddler. Bam. It happens. 

Thank you to all of the families who have allowed me into their lives for that very confusing, sleepy, stressful and amazing time.

(this post could have gone on and on with samples, but I will leave you with just a little taste)


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