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Rockin' It

Posted by melissa Salvatore on

Here he is, our how-did-he-become-almost-2 little guy rockin’ it on many levels.

There is the obvious, rockin’ on the newly painted wood rocking horse. This was a hand-me-down that we took and glossed up to a bright orange to match his room {see picture below}. It  was a dull, chipped dirty cream and we sent it off to our master painters who give those final touches to the Heritage Littles balance bike and they worked their magic bringing this beautiful profile rocking horse back to life in “traffic orange”.

Then he is rockin’ the new superman undies. But don’t let him fool you, starting the underwear “sessions” pre-2 years old has not been super successful and soon after this shot was taken, there was pee on the floor. But…we can’t say that we haven’t tried and that he and us aren’t both enthusiastic about underwear and the idea of letting go of diapers! I have read the blogs, books and have received loads of solicited mommy advice. Unfortunately, it has all intimidated me even more about the process with all the different scenarios. I decided to let him turn 2 first before going hardcore about it. He still loves the idea, so we are going with that and letting it be a topic of discussion everyday. We will get there soon.

And let’s not overlook the teepee in the background that he is rockin’ in his room. This is our newly launched Heritage teepee made out of recycled coffee sacks. This has been a little safe haven in his room. It has been a place of book reading, a picnic breakfast and play spot with his best friend, Virginia (aka GiGi) who just got one for her 2nd birthday! We made the teepee more comfortable by adding the Ikea sheep skin rug. (note: don’t wash in washer as I had to learn the hard way when the teepee became a victim of one of the underwear sessions.}


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  • This kiddo really rocks!!


    April Herbert on

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    Isabel on

  • I love this teepee. I’m considering purchasing the teepee and the heritage standard balance bike for my little guy’s 2 year bday. How tall is the teepee?

    Camille Giroux on

  • You really captured his “rockin” personality too! xoxo

    Mary Jo aka Mom aka Nona on

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