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If Google Asked Me

Posted by melissa Salvatore on

My bike ride through the eyes of Google Glass 

I felt compelled to jot down some notes, in case anyone out there is married to an advanced techie nerd—specifically a Google nerd, in my case. Mike was one of the first people to get a special invite in the mail to try Google Glass. He immediately booked a flight to NYC to pick up the new toy.

And here I am, super skeptical and pretty cynical about the whole wave-of-the-future tech world—does that  automatically make me "old?" Isn’t that one of the first signs? Next, I will be waiving my finger saying, "Kids these days!!"

I haven’t had time yet, but first on my priority list is making some house rules around the use of these glasses. I mean, I’ve already lost my small-business-owner husband to screens throughout most of the day and night—phones, iPads, laptops, he is always checking on something business related. But now the screen is attached to his head. Ugh.

Ok, so yes, I had to play with it a bit. Looks aside, I did feel pretty powerful when I got to say "OK Glass," and then a command, and it was done. My favorite feature BY FAR: hands-free photo and video taking. The quality of the photos isn’t as good as my cell, and Glass takes the photos at a wide angle to mimic our field of vision. But, I have to say, when running around with my two-year-old I don’t often get good-quality pictures, let alone have time to whip out my camera (or by the time I do, the moment is already over). Google Glass allowed for the rambunctious boy to be captured in the moment, without his knowing and without any follow-up "let me see" from him. I could snap and keep it moving. So I’ll give a +1 to Google Glass for that.

The rest, I think, I will leave to Mike. I’m happy to forgo the headaches I got from keeping my eyes pinpointed up and to the right and focused on a tiny screen so close to my face.


Mike sporting the glasses, and Bennett's moment of realization that something weird was on Daddy's eye

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  • Entertaining blog post. So great!

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