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Actor Headshot Clothing Tips


GOOD: Solid colors

AVOID: Busy patterns

GOOD:  A more fitted style with a v-neck or scoop neck is recommended.

AVOID: We don't recommend anything too "flow-y" because with two-dimensional images, it can just add weight and not be as flattering.

GOOD: Keep make-up more natural or how you normally wear it. Bring some extra cover-up, powder, mascara, blush and lip-color for potential touch-up's or enhancements.

AVOID: Bronzer or Blush with sparkle or sheen.

GOOD: Layering your tops: Having a jacket, sweatshirt or button-down shirt (unbuttoned) over another shirt can add an interesting visual quality to your headshots. This will enhance your look and bring a dynamic quality to your shots.

AVOID: Thick layers such as wool sweaters and down-puffer vests.

GOOD: Pick colors to contrast skin tone. Pick a shirt color that contrasts against your skin color.

AVOID: Don't select a color that blends into your skin.

GOOD: Stay True to You.

Extra Notes: 

When choosing clothing options, a good guideline to follow is to consider the type of outfit that you would wear to an audition.
Start by picking your favorite clothes to wear. Clothes that you feel good in and that speak your personality and style.