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HOLIDAY DEADLINE LIST *we checked it twice*

Clothing Tips


GOOD: solid colors with a few color options in either tops or onesies. 

AVOID: Everyone being in black or everyone being in white

GOOD: repetitive patterns (stripes, polka dots or simple patterns) 

AVOID: logos, characters and single animals 

GOOD: Basic White (as a back-up option) 


  • layered outfit or more "stylish" look
  • dress-up outfit 
  • hats 
  • Shoes are not hugely important, but some options are nice. We like barefoot too! 


GOOD: They will be bare-skinned most of the time, but bring your favorite onesie or footsie set, preferably a solid color or white. Something that fits snug will work best. Look for premie or true newborn sizes vs the 0-3 month clothing

GOOD: Hats of different kinds can also be really sweet

GOOD: Swaddle options, including white, in addition to any special blankets. 
GOOD: We like to use things that are a part of his baby life and not generic objects or baskets

GOOD: Extra bottles if you are bottle-feeding
GOOD: Extra diapers because we take them on and off a lot, so they may go through a few more than normal.
Newborn parents bring this along for yourself: 
GOOD:  A solid black tops (for the shots where we slightly "hide" you guys but use your hands), a tank top for Mom because we'll use your shoulder as a prop, a second top option in grey or any solid color . Lastly, we will be using your hands a lot so you can have your nails manicured the way you like them with a natural look/polish


GOOD: Solid colors

AVOID: Both parents wearing black or both wearing white or busy patterns

GOOD: (for females) A more fitted style with a v-neck or scoop neck is recommended. We don't recommend anything too "flow-y" because with two-dimensional images, it can just add weight and not be as flattering.

GOOD: (for females) Keep make-up more natural or how you normally wear it. You could go slightly heavier on mascara and blush. 

AVOID: (for females) Bronzer or Blush with sparkle or sheen. 

AVOID: dark eye shadows


GOOD: Bring treats

GOOD: Bring favorite toys

GOOD: Pre-groom or bring how you like their cut

GOOD: Extra little accessories (bandanas, special collars, etc)