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Artist Series

Our new Artist Series brings fine-art portraiture to your neighborhood
photo studio. By tapping into the passions, expertise and artistic visions of our
photographers, we can capture you and your loved ones in a new light, one that
showcases your family’s personality and spirit in fine-art style fit for a gallery.
Our five unique photographers each bring a different perspective to the process,
creating works like vintage-inspired photos or expansive, mural-style prints. You
will select a photographer based on the aesthetic that speaks to you, and they
will guide you through the process, selecting the final photos to ensure the end
product is a true work of art.
The final selected image will be packaged in editions, with either one or ten
pieces, and each will be numbered, signed and presented with a certificate of
authenticity. The Artist Series makes fine art attainable to families, and
customizable to fit your family’s unique style.
Pieces range from $1,800 to $2,000.