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Discovery Toys Play Boxes

In-House Add-On: Discovery Toys' Themed Play Boxes: Enhance your party experience with a Discovery Toy Play Box.  Each themed box will be coordinated with A Little Photo Studio on your behalf containing premium play products to entertain your party's little guests. Suggested party activities will also be included or just use toys for open play throughout your event.  At the close of the party, return all products to the original box. As a special bonus, the birthday boy/girl will receive a musical Happy Birthday book compliments of Discovery Toys’ Rachel Harris.

Discovery Toys is the leader in premium, open-play products. All toys are guaranteed for life! www.DiscoveryToys.com/RachelHarris


Little Musician ($80)

Liven up your party with our ‘Little Musician’ add-on box from Discovery Toys.  The box includes:

  •         Two (2) Percussion Jam sets
  •         Three (3) CMajor Xylophone
  •         Two (2) Xylophone Box sets
  •         Twelve (12) Mini Maracas
  •         Two (2) Baby Band sets 

A total of 37 individual musical pieces, includes color coded music cards for playing top children’s songs together



Little Builder ($80)

Captivate their imagination by constructing anything their heart desires through our “Little Builder” add-on box from Discovery Toys.  The box includes:

  •         Two (2) Poppers jars
  •         Two (2) Connectix
  •         Two (2) Beginner Builder sets
  •         Three (3) Stacking Owls
  •         One (1) Hexacus
  •         Two (2) Tower Cubes
  •         Two (2) Measure Up Cups sets

A total of 250+ buildable pieces, all pieces safe for all ages.  Includes guides to foster creativity and/or build to design



Little Explorer ($80)

Send your “Little Explorers” on an inside adventure with our “Little Explorer” add-on box from Discovery Toys.  The box includes:

  •         Six (6) Kidnoculars
  •         Six (6) Magnifier & Tweezers sets
  •         Two (2) Explore It! Night Vision Flash Lights
  •         Three (3) Explore It! Metal Detectors
  •         One (1) Busy Bugs
  •         One (1) Busy Farm
  •         Two (2) Measure Up Cups sets