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HOLIDAY DEADLINE LIST *we checked it twice*


What is the capacity for your gallery space? Who do you count on my guest list as part of that capacity?

Our gallery space can hold up to 60 people. There is a charge for guest lists over 45 guests.

The headcount starts for children 1 year of age and above. All adults are part of the final count.

Is taking a tour mandatory? 

No, but it is recommended.

What does the photography package include?

When photographing your event, we focus on the guest of honor and their immediate family along with any requested guests. in addition we document the   general feeling of the event and the details that went into it! 

* Photographer to document the 2-hour part

* Optional 30-minute "photobooth-style" session with the photographer during the party (a fun activity for all ages!

* Gallery of high-res digital images for you to download and save (view sample photo gallery)

* $150 credit to print your favorite images through our print house

What does the day-of coordinator do?

The coordinator will have the skeleton of the space set-up and ready for your personal touches to be added. He/She will assist in putting up your decor and food. Throughout the event, the coordinator will make sure that the space remains tended to (food, garbage, spills). He/She will be your helping hands to keep the party running smoothly and making sure all aspects of the space are in working order.

Do you have a bathroom? Yes.

Do you have central AC/heating? Yes.

Do you have a coat rack? Yes.

Are you handicap accessible? Yes.

We are on the ground floor with an ADA bathroom.

How many tables for adults do you have? Size? Chairs? 

We have two 4x6 rectangular tables and 12 adult chairs.*

How many tables do you have for kids? Size? Kid-sized Chairs? 

We have two 2x4 rectangular kid tables and 14 kids chairs. *

Do you have any extra seating? 

We have 4 extra chairs and 3 stools we place around the studio.*

Do you have any other tables? 

One large drafting table that we use specifically as the dessert table. You are also welcome to bring in any rental table and chairs

How long is the bar? 1

3 feet for food with 5 feet on the side for drinks.


How early can I come in to set up for my party?

You can come in 30 minutes prior to the start time of your party.

You may pay for extra time to set up at $65 per half hour and this must be pre-arranged. If day-of changes occur to arrival time, you will be charged accordingly.

Due to multiple booked parties within a day, this option may not be available to you if it conflicts with the clean-up/set-up process between events.

A half-hour to set up doesn’t seem like a lot of time. What does the gallery space do to help with a thirty minute set-up?

You will be given the option to drop off non-perishable items at the studio one day prior to the party within a scheduled two hour time frame. This must be cleared by the Event Coordinator before you come to drop off.

Your drop off is not part of your set-up time. Drop offs are to be short in definition and nature so as to not disrupt the workflow of the studio. Your coordinator will then organize and place the majority of your items so that you can use your set-up for food placement and fine tuning. Please feel free to leave a note of direction for particular placement of items.

I’m not really sure if the gallery space is big enough for my party. What would you recommend?

We want our space to be the right fit for you. We can send over the gallery space floor plan to help with spacial planning. In addition, please contact the Event Coordinator to set up a half-hour tour. This will give you a chance to step into the space and see if there are any additional questions.

After my initial inquiry, can I pay to hold the date until I am ready to book?

No, you may not pay a deposit to save the date. We book based on first come, first serve. Once you begin the booking process, we put a hold on your time, but that date and time will not be guaranteed until we receive the contract and full payment. 

(i.e. if someone else is inquiring about the same date and time and provides contract and full payment, they will receive that date and time) 

What does payment look like for all aspects of the party?

Your first payment will occur within the week you submit the contract.

This includes the amount for the two hour rental (also known as the base fee), the photography package (if you added it in the contract), and 20% gratuity for the coordinator.

(The gratuity is based on the base fee + the wiggle room add-on, extra hour, or over 45 guests options) 

Your second payment will occur 10 days before the party to cover the cost of any additional add-on's that weren't included in original invoice:  coffee, hot chocolate, balloons, and/or chalk art add-ons.

We will send you the estimate two weeks before your event in order confirm any add-ons that you would like to keep or cancel. The card we have on file will be charged for the balance before your event. 

How early should I book my party?

The earlier the better. Currently our average booking time prior to an event is 2.5 months in advance.

Do you have recommendations for entertainers or other vendors?*

YES! We have seen a lot and we love recommending people and places that we love! Please click on the link below to see the latest list of people we love working with!


Do you have any catering or food restrictions?

The only thing we ask is to order your coffee and hot chocolate through us. We use our sister company, Heritage Bicycles and Coffee, for all of our events. Otherwise, please feel free to bring in any food and drink (this includes alcohol) that you would like to have!

Do you have any photography restrictions?

Yes. We are a photography studio and provide the photography package as an add-on. Due to copyright issues, our space is only to be photographed by our in-house photographers. Our work will reflect the beautiful work that you see around the gallery! We do not allow any outside photographers to be hired for your event. 

Of course, use your cell phones or amateur cameras all you would like to document your event! 

Can the kids draw on the chalk wall? Or can we ourselves make some chalk art on the chalk wall?

No, the guests may not draw on the chalk wall. (this is due to day-of mess that it causes, clean up time as well as maintaining the wall in good condition) 

No, we reserve our chalk wall for our talented chalk artists who create beautiful pieces for all of our clients.

Do you have a helium tank?

Yes! We offer balloons as an add-on order (for 36" white balloons or metallic number balloons) You have the option to order balloons through us or bring your own balloons and just pay for the helium. 

$2 per 12” balloon with string

$15 for number balloon

$12 per geronimo balloon

If you would like to bring you own balloons, we can fill what you bring with helium for:

99 cents per 12” balloon

$3 per foil balloon, 24” and above balloon, or geronimo balloon.

String is included in helium price.


Hurray, I Booked! Now what?

Yay! We are so excited and honored that you would choose us to celebrate with you and your family! Here are some more FAQs to consider.

What do you suggest to keep kids busy during a birthday party?

Hiring an entertainer is always a great option. Yet, keep in mind that the simple things bring a lot of joy as well. You are more than welcome to plan your own craft tables and activities for the kids. 

I’m choosing to have 11am-1 pm party. What do you recommend for food?

We would suggest to either serve breakfast, brunch, or lunch. Once you’ve chosen a category then stick to it. If you are serving breakfast, consider bringing muffins, bagels, granola & yogurt, fruit, milk, orange juice, pastries of all kinds, doughnuts, mimosas and breakfast beers (i.e. Steigl Radlers). Remember though that if you have a lot of sweet breakfast things, this means you should scale back on the cake/dessert offerings or you will have a lot of leftovers. For brunch foods, We would recommended the above and then adding sandwiches (Whole Foods Catering or Mariano’s can be a life saver for these kinds of meals).

For lunch: Either choose a type of food you would like to serve (whether is be sushi and other Japanese fare, tacos and other mexican fare, sandwiches  etc.) or go for pizza. Pizza is still a hit. Serve it with fruit, vegetables, and other kid snacks, throw in some mimosas and beer and you will be set.

I’m choosing to have a 3pm-5pm party. What do you recommend for food?

Since this hits the before the dinner time hour,  we would suggest to either go for the gold and serve dinner-like foods or stick to snack foods. Pizza is always a good fit for the late-lunch/dinner/snack option. Although, this time slot is where our friends at Antique Taco have our heart. Their catering menu allows for you to get foods that people can pick at as a snack or put together for a full meal. There options allow for guest to help themselves to different portions. (chips and dips, tacos, salads, etc)

 I ordered the photography package. When do I get to see my online gallery?

You will receive your gallery links 2 weeks post your event. Your links will be coming from our hello@alittlephotostudio.com email. They will provide you with a viewing gallery (low-res with watermark)  along with a hi-res link to download onto your own storage devices. You will then be able to connect directly with our photo studio manager to order prints and books from your event! (remember to use that awesome $150 print credit you get!)

What can I leave behind?

Please make sure than any boxes, decor or items that you bring into the studio and do not consider trash leave with you as you clean up. Our dumpster can hold trash from the party but not trash and boxes from the set up. So plan accordingly how you will fit everything back into your cars and back home.

Please also plan on bringing large bags/bins to bring presents home in. (i.e. Ikea bags work great for this!)

Food for thought:

*Whatever you choose, we suggest making sure you are balancing your alcohol and food ratio.

*If you are only doing a dessert bar, go for less sweet drink options. 

*If you are going heavier on the food, go with lighter drink options. 

*For those of us that don’t want to bring a lot of cake back home, make sure you choose just one dessert. Other options to consider are cupcakes and cookies.

*An Insider tip for first birthday parties: Two weeks before the big day, make sure you introduce the birthday song often. Talk about their birthday, show them how to make a one with their finger. One week before the party, show them what a cake looks like. Get a cupcake and let them play with the frosting. All of that will take a lot of pressure from the cake smash moment (if you plan to do that). No one can guarantee that these recommendations will make your one-year old not cry through the moment, but familiarity can help a lot!

For all other inquiries, thoughts, or general #LittlesEvents questions please contact our Event Coordinator at events@alittlephotostudio.com.