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HOLIDAY DEADLINE LIST *we checked it twice*

Outdoor Mini Sessions (During Social Distancing)

We are happy to still be able to make photo sessions happen now that the weather is taking a slight turn and we can keep our distance. 

Here are some tips to ensure that the session is still a success even with less "wrangling" on our end! 

To keep up with the safety recommendations, our team of two will be wearing masks. 


  • Jump Ropes
  • Hula Hoops
  • Chalk - big bright colors
  • Bubbles 
  • *Wubble Bubbles are a ton of fun for 4-13 year olds
  • Extra outfit in case there is an accident, mud, food/drink spill, etc. 
  • *We will have our wagon to put any extra bags/clothes 


Any kids 10 or under, just let them know you are going to have fun outside for a little play photo shoot and don't make it too high-stress to be "perfect". 

For any age, please don't ask them to say "cheese" as that tends to lead to the thought "this is going to be boring" or fake smiles. 

Please come ready to jump in the photos as we may need more parent participation than normal! (If you don't want to be in any pictures, then we will keep that in mind and avoid - BUT just in case :) ) 

If possible, talk about a treat or something fun that will "wrap up the session" for them - we will have our cookies (individually pre-wrapped) to hand out with parent approval. Otherwise, maybe plan on your own treat back home!
Instead of talking about it for the whole session, we like to keep that until the end when they may be fading to remind them of that fun treat.  That usually helps to get the energy back up! And it is even cute to get photos of them eating cookies or treats to wrap the session. 


Our sessions are more play-based so we want to keep the energy up and fun even from a distance! 

Older Kids (2 and up) - We will start with air high fives! Then we will go into a jumping contest to get the kids warmed up and ready to play. If you brought any props, we can arrange games with the props. 

Our non-walkers, we will make this a more documentary-style session with you and your little ones out for a walk, playing outside on the grass or some portraits along an interesting outside wall. Just make sure you are laughing and smiling and leaving the singing and talking to us so we make sure you look your best!

Overall, we can look at this an your outdoor time turned into a fun photo session!
Please let us know if you have any questions leading up to your session!